Research, Practice, Teaching

The 155 full-time and approximately 305 adjunct faculty members who teach at RISD nurture critical thinking, making and innovation through immersive, discipline-based learning grounded in studio practice. As accomplished artists, designers, architects, scholars and educators, they create and continually stimulate RISD’s culture of research and discovery, while showing exceptional dedication to teaching and mentoring students. Beyond the studio and classroom RISD’s faculty are leaders in their respective fields, pursuing a fascinating array of projects and producing an amazing range work – as is evidenced by the stories presented here.



Faculty News

Expert Opinion
President Somerson on the virtues of boredom 

Breaking with Tradition
Wolfgang Rudorf leads van Beuren studio 

Design Thinking in RI
Charlie Cannon teaches design principles 

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In the Painting studios students and faculty pause to consider works in progress.