Holistic Student Wellness Initiative

Through the Holistic Student Wellness Initiative, we aim to align students’ living, learning and working environment with our stated values concerning their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

The initial work will be led by a core committee of 20 faculty, staff and students, and will entail:

  • developing an expansive definition of wellness and thriving across a student’s journey from applicant to alumni.
  • using quantitative and qualitative data to measure and understand wellness among students from various backgrounds and experiences.
  • assessing the degree to which current systems, practices and policies support or challenge student wellness.
  • proposing new and expanded programs, ways of operating and other creative approaches that foster student wellness.


  • Zaineb Aljumayaat - Student, Illustration 2025
  • David Carreon Bradley - Vice President, Social Equity and Inclusion
  • Janice DeFrances - Senior Lecturer, Teaching + Learning in Art + Design
  • Ginnie Dunleavy - Executive Director, Auxiliary Services
  • Spencer Evans - Assistant Professor, Experimental and Foundation Studies
  • Holly Gaboriault - Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Illustration
  • Touba Ghadessi - Provost
  • Waverly Huang - Student, Industrial Design 2026
  • Alison Huff - Academic Division Manager, Fine Arts
  • Bethany Jankunis - Vice President of Strategy and Planning & Senior Advisor to the President
  • Tony Johnson - Associate Dean, Student Social Equity and Inclusion
  • Elyana Kadish- Health Educator, Student Affairs
  • Maya Krinsky - Associate Director, Multilingual Learning and Inclusive Teaching
  • Deborah Levans - Director, Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Khipra Nichols - Associate Professor, Industrial Design
  • Jennifer Prewitt-Freilino - Dean, Liberal Arts
  • Sara Rothenberger - Associate Dean of Students, Student Affairs
  • Paige Sias - Student, Apparel Design 2026
  • Joanne Stryker - Dean, Experimental and Foundation Studies
  • Brian Ulrich - Department Head and Associate Professor, Photography

How to get involved

The committee is dedicated to engaging the insights, expertise, passion and creativity of our full community. Look for announcements about opportunities for community members to share their observations, insights and ideas throughout this process. We also invite you to share your thoughts at any time via email to strategy@risd.edu.

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