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Danniely Staback Rodriguez

Danniely Staback Rodriguez

Danniely Staback Rodríguez is a Puerto Rican designer and academic. Her research centers on the critical embrace of fabrication and design technologies as vehicles for both cultural awareness and creative expansion of the modern and the vernacular. Her teaching seeks to problematize the consequences of the built object and its transcendence in our social interactions as it folds in production chains, exchanges of value and the promise of our collective fulfillment.

She obtained her bachelor’s in Environmental Design from the University of Puerto Rico. She was admitted to MIT for a MArch degree as a graduate fellow and later became a teaching fellow. She has accrued a broad range of experience through her work at Muuaaa Design Studio, Díaz Paunetto Arquitectos, Block Research Group, Snøhetta, MIT, UIUC, KVA MATx and currently Studio Enée. She is also part of ResilientSEE-PR and the Voluntariado de Ingenieros y Profesionales de Puerto Rico, and she sits on the advisory board of PRoTECHOS.

Fall 2021

ARCH-101G-03 Graduate Core 1 Studio: Subjects. Tools. Process.