Lafayette Cruise

Critic, Architecture Department

Lafayette Cruise is an urban planner and futurist. He holds an immense sense of awe and wonder for people, nature and the imaginative possibilities of how we can exist together that continues to inform his diverse academic and professional career.  

Cruise’s practice engages projects at the intersection of urban planning and speculative fiction. He leverages the radical imagination and world-building capabilities of speculative fiction and the multidisciplinary, strategic implementation tools of urban planning in order to imagine, plan and build a more just, liberating and sustainable future.

Fall 2022

  • ARCH-103G-01 Graduate Core 3 Studio: Cities
  • ARCH-2196-08 Thesis Sem: Navigating The Creative Process

Summer 2022

  • FOUND-S103-02 Studio: Design

Spring 2023

  • ARCH-2198-08 Thesis Project
  • ARCH-8900-02 ISP Major
  • ARCH-8965-02 Collaborative Study
  • NMSE-8965-14 Collaborative Study