Heejoon June Yoon

Critic - Film/Animation/Video

Heejoon June Yoon is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose research uncovers the ecology of absurdity and latent violence within contemporary society. Her recent work revolves around web culture and feminist narratives by building immersive audiovisual environments as storytelling platforms. Through various forms of storytelling, Yoon has been exploring the cycle of perception, framing and indoctrination of normality while questioning the ridiculousness of this cycle. Her unsettling imagery allows viewers to experience the unexpected monstrosity of reality.

Yoon’s films and other works have been presented internationally at venues such as Montreal World Film Festival, Boston Cyberarts, Shelter in Place Gallery, CICA Museum, Space 413, White Noise and Pier Contemporary and on such online platforms as the Foundation.app, Wrong Biennale and Radio Nopal.