Aspen Golann


Aspen Golann is a furniture maker, artist and educator whose work explores gender and power through the manipulation of iconic American furniture forms. Trained as a 17th-to-19th-century woodworker, she engages the moral complexity of reproduction furniture by appropriating the aesthetics and antiquarian processes of early America to illustrate racial, gender and social injustice endemic to the time. Her artwork is exhibited internationally and is published in Architectural Digest, American Craft, Elle, Fine Woodworking Magazine, Luxe, American Period Furniture and others. She serves on the board of A Workshop of Our Own and as an ambassador to the board of Fine Woodworking Magazine
Golann maintains an active teaching practice and in 2020, with the help of the Mineck Fellowship, founded The Chairmakers Toolbox—a project that provides free tools, education and mentorship for BIPOC, gender nonconforming and female toolmakers seeking to build sustainable businesses. In support of the project, she has partnered with Winterthur Museum, Fine Woodworking Magazine, A Workshop of Our Own, The Furniture Society and chairmakers around the country. 
Golann recently received a Windgate residency in the wood/furniture design program at San Diego State University and a Critical Craft Fellowship at Winterthur Museum to explore the physical and social history of the Windsor chair. She holds a Cabinetry & Fine Furniture degree from The North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA.

Spring 2023

  • FD-2502-01 Sophomore Design/practice
  • FD-2502-02 Sophomore Design/practice