Aki Nurosi

on sabbatical academic year 2022/23

Akefeh Nurosi’s teaching at RISD concentrates on the subject of color and its application to design. She also teaches typography and package design. She received her BA from the Ecole Superieure des Arts Modernes in Paris and her MFA in Graphic Design from Yale University, studying with professors Inge Druckery, Alvin Eisenman, John Hill, Armin Hofmann, Norman Ives, Herbert Matter, Paul Rand and Bradbury Thompson.

Before coming to RISD, Nurosi was senior designer at Yale University Printing Service and adjunct faculty at the University of New Haven. She has kept a freelance design practice and color consultation in Providence, RI.

Nurosi’s art works are inspired by nature. Her drawings, based on autumn leaves, feathers and trees have been shown in solo and group exhibitions at numerous galleries and are part of international private collections. In 1994 she was invited to present a paper on the subject of color at a conference on color education at UIAh in Helsinki, Finland.

Nurosi has co-written, designed and published two books: Colorful Illusions (2000/01) and Artful Illusions (2004/05). Colorful Illusions has been translated into German, Hebrew and Russion and Artful Illusions was selected by the Children’s Book of the Month club. Her students’ work has been published in Spirals (a publication of RISD’s Graphic Design department), Graphis Student Design and New Talent Design Annual.

  • MFA, Yale University