Tycho Horan

Tycho Horan (she/they) is a trans nonbinary designer, printmaker and teacher in Providence. They co-create community arts spaces where marginalized people can creatively thrive and work in solidarity with movements for collective liberation. They work at the intersections of analogue and digital print technologies, making publications, prints, posters, video, and websites in collaboration with artists, poets and community organizations. Their practice also includes teaching, tinkering, spreadsheeting and all the other forms of maintenance work that facilitate cooperative projects.

Horan is a founding member and the current Studio Director of the Binch Press / Queer.Archive.Work Studio, a community print and publishing studio in Providence. They have worked with community organizations such as AS220, Direct Action for Rights and Equality, New Urban Arts and ¡CityArts!. They were a 2022 NAS Creative Community Fellow and have received support from DESIGNXRI, the Interlace Grant Fund and RI Council for the Humanities. Their work has been exhibited at Providence College Galleries, PVDFest, Foo Fest, 159 Sutton and TRANSFER.

Fall 2022

GRAPH-3319-01 Wkshp: Screenprinting
GRAPH-3319-02 Wkshp: Screenprinting
GRAPH-3319-03 Wkshp: Screenprinting

Wintersession 2023

GRAPH-1565-01 Independent Publishing Intensive

Spring 2023

GRAPH-3181-01 Wkshp: Pre-press and Risograph Printing
GRAPH-3181-02 Wkshp: Pre-press and Risograph Printing
GRAPH-3181-03 Wkshp: Pre-press and Risograph Printing
GRAPH-3320-01 Experimental Publishing Studio
GRAPH-8965-03 Collaborative Study