Alero Akporiaye

Alero Akporiaye has published peer-reviewed articles on the political economy of oil extraction, the efficacy of private governance approaches like corporate social responsibility, and the role of governance in addressing pandemics. She has developed an original longitudinal cross-national dataset on corporate social responsibility measures that she applies in her studies of human rights and crude oil production. She is currently working on using survey experiments to study political risk and continues to expand her research on corporate social responsibility. Her future research interests entail exploring Black feminisms in international political economy. She is from Warri in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Academic areas of interest

  • International and comparative political economy
  • Political risk and multinational corporations
  • Politics of foreign direct investment
  • Political economy of energy extraction
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Experimental methods in international political economy

Fall 2022

HPSS-S439-01 Political Economy Of Global Supply Chains
HPSS-S439-02 Political Economy Of Global Supply Chains
HPSS-S485-01 International Human Rights and Law
NCSS-799G-02 Thesis

Spring 2023

GRAD-438G-01 Gendered Global Political Economy
HPSS-S101-01 Topics: History, Philosophy, & The Social Sciences
HPSS-S101-02 Topics: History, Philosophy, & The Social Sciences
HPSS-S438-01 Gendered Global Political Economy
NCSS-438G-01 Gendered Global Political Economy
RISD faculty member Alero Akporiaye