Amanda Clarke


Amanda Clarke is an accomplished artist and designer with more than 15 years of industry experience working for such clients as Harmonix, Sega, Proletariat, Barbie, WGBH, Hasbro and Cartoon Network. Her engaging illustration style has been featured in mobile and console games, apps, webisodes and museum exhibits. Since earning her BFA in Illustration from RISD, Clarke has made New England her home, and she currently works in video game development. When she’s not drawing, she loves to read, travel and spend time with her partner and mischievous pup.

Fall 2022

  • FAV-8900-02 ISP Major
  • ILLUS-3304-01 Intro To Digital Illustration

Wintersession 2023

  • NMSE-8900-01 ISP Non-major Elective

Spring 2023

  • ILLUS-8965-03 Collaborative Study