Andrea Dezso

Andrea Dezsö is a visual artist who draws, paints and sculpts. Dezsö’s work explores women’s roles, family, authoritarianism, migration and belonging. Dezsö’s richly detailed artwork invokes nature and folk tales to tell stories, and is often masterfully hand-crafted. Dezsö’s permanent public art commissions are installed in three New York City subway stations, at the United States Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, and at CUNY BMCC’s World Trade Center location in Manhattan. Community Garden, Dezsö’s mosaic mural in the Bronx subway, was recognized as Best American Public Art in 2007 by Americans for the Arts. Dezsö was born in Transylvania, Romania, went to university in Budapest, Hungary, lives in America and exhibits in museums and galleries around the world.

Fall 2021

ILLUS-2000-07 Visual Thinking
ILLUS-3772-01 3-D Illustration

Wintersession 2022

IDISC-3912-01 Art Of Communicating Science
IDISC-W422-01 *hawai'i: Art and Science Of Conservation
ILLUS-3912-01 Art Of Communicating Science
ILLUS-W421-01 *south Africa: Art and Science Of Conservation
ILLUS-W422-01 *hawai'i: Art and Science Of Conservation

Spring 2022

ILLUS-2004-06 Visual Strategies
ILLUS-4012-07 Senior Portfolio
a photo portrait of RISD faculty member Andrea Dezso
  • BFA, Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design
  • MFA, Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design