Catherine Huang

Assistant Professor

Cat Huang is a cartoonist, educator and art director based in Providence. She is currently working on Nostalgia, a middle grade graphic novel set in a magical antique shop, where a nameless protagonist searches for their identity. Along with teaching at RISD—her alma mater, where she earned a BFA in Illustration—she is also a teaching artist at, a free, accessible and comprehensive online educational platform for visual arts. She was formerly an associate art director at Airbnb

Fall 2022

  • ILLUS-2012-08 Drawing I: Visualizing Space
  • ILLUS-2024-07 Painting I: Color Perception and Expression

Wintersession 2023

  • ILLUS-3304-01 Intro To Digital Illustration

Spring 2023

  • ILLUS-2004-07 Visual Strategies
  • ILLUS-2016-07 Drawing II: The Articulate Figure
  • ILLUS-3054-01 The Visual Essay