Jean Blackburn

Jean Blackburn has been teaching at RISD since 1982 as a member of the Illustration department. A long-time resident of New York, she moved north in 2001 and currently resides in a firehouse in Rhode Island.

Blackburn’s work, both painting and sculpture, addresses the domestic setting and its power to shape or reflect our understanding of the world. She has exhibited her work throughout the US and abroad, including the DeCordova Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the Aldrich Museum and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

Most recently Blackburn was included in the exhibition Transitional Objects at the Neuberger Museum and at the Ierimoti Gallery in Milan. Her work is in collections of the Mint Museum, the Tang Museum and many private collections.

Academic areas of interest

Jean has a strong interest in ancient civilizations. She has worked as an archaeological illustrator on excavations in New England, New Mexico and Petra, Jordan.

Fall 2022

IDISC-3058-01 Visual Stories Of Natural Histories
ILLUS-2012-01 Drawing I: Visualizing Space
ILLUS-3058-01 Visual Stories Of Natural Histories
ILLUS-3772-01 3-D Illustration
ILLUS-8900-08 ISP Major
NMSE-8900-14 ISP Non-major Elective

Spring 2023

ILLUS-2016-01 Drawing II: The Articulate Figure
ILLUS-3104-01 Visible Cities
ILLUS-3916-01 Scientific Illustration
ILLUS-4016-02 Senior Degree Project
ILLUS-8900-11 ISP Major
NMSE-8900-01 ISP Non-major Elective
RISD faculty member Jean Blackburn
  • BFA, Rhode Island School of Design
  • MFA, Yale University