Melissa Ferreira

technology sprinting, so many keeping stride! i see them from a distance as i slowly cut and paste at my worktable. i text from my manual typewriter and tweet in the garden; i use email, often at pace with the post; i like scanners and digital snapshots and Photoshop because the computer can be scissors with command z superpowers and it can be superglue too. all that and so much more as images come full circle, back to the worktable as printouts ready to meet virtually every sort of tactile material.

these are just tools. hi-tech/lo-tech, what really counts is what comes from our deepest creative sources. i ask my students to think and explore as they undertake the assignments that i myself would want to do, regardless their chosen implement or media. start with ideas and questions...then probe even more.

my professional and personal worlds are wholly interwoven, fine artist sensibilities mixed with the illustrator's drive to translate. i spend my days working and playing, taking only those commissions that i find appealing and only make objects/images that i wish to make. you can see some of those things at along with other glimpses into who i am and what i do.

feel free to email or send words with a stamp:

1 rue kerandistro
29930 pont-aven

Wintersession 2022

ILLUS-3032-01 XXXY
ILLUS-3624-01 Your Life Illustrated
RISD faculty member Melissa Ferreira
  • BFA, Rhode Island School of Design