Susan Doyle

Susan Doyle holds a BFA in illustration and a dual MFA in painting and printmaking from RISD. Having spent a good deal of her professional life involved in both design and fine art, she is particularly interested in the tension between how something is conceived versus how it is perceived.

Currently Doyle is working on a series of prints and paintings exploring the confluence of abstract and denotative constructs in work that involves graphing, optical illusion and pictorial imagery derived from the stuff and nonsense of myth, fine art and contemporary culture. She is editor of the landmark publication History of Illustration (Fairchild Books-Bloomsbury, 2018), the only textbook to date on the subject.

Fall 2022

ILLUS-2000-01 Visual Thinking
ILLUS-501G-01 Graduate Illustration Studio I: Perception and The Art Of Communication
LAEL-1030-03 History Of Illustration
NMSE-8900-19 ISP Non-major Elective

Spring 2023

ILLUS-2004-02 Visual Strategies
ILLUS-2028-05 Painting II: Observation and Imagination
ILLUS-3712-01 The Silkscreened Poster
a photo portrait of RISD faculty member Susan Doyle
  • BFA, Rhode Island School of Design
  • MFA, Rhode Island School of Design