Wolfgang Rudorf

Wolfgang Max Rudorf received his engineering diploma in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Technical University in Berlin. As a recipient of a German Academic Exchange scholarship, he attended the History Theory and Criticism Program at MIT, receiving a Master of Science in Architectural Studies with a research focus on the Public Works Administration’s public housing initiative during the New Deal era.

Rudorf is a licensed Architect in Massachusetts and a LEED accredited professional, concentrating in his practice on the interface between the architectural and engineering disciplines. Responsible for the design and construction of large adaptive re-use projects, affordable housing projects, and the preservation of historic landmarks in the United States and Germany, he is an adamant supporter of an integrated project delivery method.

He has taught as an adjunct faculty member for many years in the RISD INTAR Department and is currently coauthoring Libraries – A Design Manual to be published by Birkhäuser Verlag in 2011.

Academic areas of interest


  • Green Building Technology
  • Integrated Project Delivery and Building Information Modeling
  • Interface of Architecture and Engineering


Fall 2020

INTAR-2380-02 Intro To Design Studio II
INTAR-2397-01 Design Thesis Prep

Wintersession 2021

INTAR-8900-04 ISP Major
INTAR-W136-01 Site Research Of Ri Infrastructure
NMSE-8900-09 ISP Non-major Elective

Spring 2021

INTAR-2104-01 Topics In Exhibition Design & Narrative Environment II
INTAR-2362-01 Adaptive Reuse Design Studio
RISD faculty member Wolfgang Rudorf
  • DIPA, Technische Universitat Berlin
  • MAS, Massachusetts Institute Technology