Brian Bergeron

Brian Bergeron has been studying jewelry since completing an arts apprenticeship in high school in southern Maine. He continued his studies by getting a BFA in Metalcrafts and Jewelry at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he worked as a studio assistant to Department Head Leonard Urso, making hollow-ware, jewelry and large copper sculptures. He moved to the Providence area and worked as a production silversmith and product developer for three and a half years and began working at RISD as a technical assistant in August 1999.

Bergeron has been teaching students to develop and utilize jewelry CAD/CAM systems since 2001. His company, Tire Rings®, sells thematic jewelry to auto, motorsport and cycling enthusiasts through his website,, and his products have appeared in many blogs and magazines.

Academic areas of interest

Bergeron's research and areas of interest mix fine art, industry and manufacturing for businesses and consumers. He never tires of exploring how things are made.

Fall 2021

JM-4406-01 Electroforming

Wintersession 2022

JM-8900-01 ISP Major
PAINT-8900-02 ISP Major

Spring 2022

NMSE-8900-06 ISP Non-major Elective
NMSE-8900-31 ISP Non-major Elective
RISD faculty member Brian Bergeron
  • BFA, Rochester Institute of Technology