Timothy Veske-McMahon

Timothy Veske-McMahon is a Brooklyn-based conceptual jewelry artist. He received his BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. His practice extends beyond the studio through endeavors to critically engage the changing field of contemporary jewelry as educator, critic and writer.

Veske-McMahon’s studio practice is divergent, with repurposed materials minted through repetitious hours at the workbench contrasted by virtual objects that blink into existence. His latest work, exhibited with the title Mirror Milk, draws from fundamental needs – of communication, of relationships, of the home – to create basic elements of a visual lexicon to represent the delicate balance of adult life. These interests overlie and respond to semiotics, psychology, popular culture, social mechanisms and the prevalence of hyper-real phenomena in daily life. His work is exhibited internationally and has been included in various publications.

Spring 2021

JM-448G-01 Graduate Jewelry Seminar 2
JM-4498-01 Senior J+M Degree Project
JM-452G-01 Graduate Jewelry Seminar 4