Ann Kearsley

Ann Kearsley is a registered landscape architect and urban designer and the owner and founding principal of Ann Kearsley Design based in Portland, ME. AKD specializes in ecologically based landscape design, connecting landscape form and spatial structure to the dynamics of a site’s natural systems and the enhancement of ecosystem function. The firm’s work ranges from large-scale master planning to public parks and private gardens and includes numerous public and private landscapes for sculpture. AKD has extensive experience with the planning and design of agricultural landscapes where farming operations are integrated with experiential educational programming, research and community outreach. Kearsley’s current research focuses on the relationship between land use and carbon sequestration and on adapting the techniques of regenerative agricultural for use in the development of public and private non-agricultural landscapes.

Kearsley holds masters’ degrees in both landscape architecture and urban design from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and an AB in English literature from Dartmouth College. She is a frequent presenter at local and regional conferences on ecological landscape design and stormwater management and has chaired workshops and symposiums on the integration of landscape architecture and ecological restoration at the Society for Ecological Restoration’s International and European Conferences (Iceland 2018, Brazil 2017, Germany 2016).

Fall 2021

LDAR-2252-01 Plants: Botany and Ecology
LDAR-2252-02 Plants: Botany and Ecology

Wintersession 2022

LDAR-8900-06 ISP Major
  • BA, Dartmouth College
  • MLA, Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • MLAUD, Harvard Graduate School of Design