Alexia Kosmider

In addition to teaching, Alexia Kosmider directs and produces documentary films that explore subjects previously misrepresented or overlooked by larger film companies. Her goal is to foster greater sensitivity to contemporary social and cultural issues. Her films include TransJourney (2013, co-directed with Blue Wade), Sappho’s Fire (2011, co-directed with Deborah Monuteux) and Not Your Mama’s Roller Derby (2009, co-directed with Deborah Monuteux). She was awarded a Fulbright travel grant in 2014 that allowed her to show Sappho’s Fire in seven cities in Poland, including Wroclaw and Warsaw. Her latest film, TransJourney, premiered at the RI International Film Festival and was screened at the Boston LGBTQ Film Festival.

Fall 2022

LAS-E101-31 First-year Literature Seminar
LAS-E254-01 Native American Literature

Wintersession 2023

LAS-W379-01 Major Developments In Queer Film, 1990-2018
RISD faculty member  Alexia Kosmider
  • Alexia Kosmider’s CV
  • BA, Miami University
  • MA, Brown University
  • MA, University of New Mexico Albuquerque
  • PHD, University of Rhode Island