Anna Brecke

Anna J. Brecke’s research focuses on gender and popular media in the 19th century and today. Specific interests include non-canonical 19th-century women’s writing, the periodic press and serialized narrative, television and the gendered body, and supernatural/speculative fiction. Her work can be found in The Victorian, Victorians Institute Journal Digital Annex and Media Report to Women. She is a co-founder of the Mary Elizabeth Braddon Association and reviews editor of the Victorian Popular Fiction Association journal Victorian Popular Fictions. She also works as an area chair in Women’s and Gender Studies for the Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association and can be heard discussing Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s literary legacy on episode 4.5 of The Victorian Scribblers podcast.

Fall 2021

LAS-E101-10 First-year Literature Seminar
LAS-E101-32 First-year Literature Seminar
LAS-E707-01 But Do They Bite?: The Monstrous Feminine In Gothic and Vampire Fiction

Wintersession 2022

LAS-8900-03 LAS Independent Study
LAS-8900-06 LAS Independent Study

Spring 2022

LAS-E246-01 Gender and The Fairytale
  • Anna Brecke’s CV
  • BA, University of Evansville
  • MA, Simmons College
  • PHD, University of Rhode Island