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Printmaking at RISD supports the creative development of artists dedicated to visual exploration and expression using intaglio, lithography, screenprint, relief and related photo-processes. Both undergraduate and graduate majors explore a focused personal direction through the mastery of traditional and contemporary techniques, including digital and alternative print methods.

Degree programs

4-year undergraduate program
2-year graduate program

Printmaking majors work in Benson Hall, a well-equipped facility with state-of-the-art equipment and separate floors allocated to lithography, intaglio and screenprint studios. Visits to the RISD Museum along with off-campus museums, galleries and symposia underscore the rich historical context of contemporary printmaking.


Merging Mediums

Students in Printmaking and Ceramics explore where their disciplines meet and also diverge.


The Lay of the Landscape

Grad students Heather McMordie and Lilla Szekely curate an evocative exhibition called Land // Fill // Land.


Thrills + Chills from Huma Bhabha

In her latest survey at the ICA in Boston, Huma Bhabha 85 PR surrounds audiences with the eerie wages and wagers of war.

After RISD, Printmaking majors go in many different directions, often pursuing interests they’ve defined through multidisciplinary exploration as students. Many alumni go on to become practicing fine artists who exhibit their work all over the world. Others run galleries, curate shows, write art criticism, teach, launch small startups and make an impact on the contemporary art world in a wide variety of other ways.

Alumni at work

Huma Bhabha BFA 85 | fine artist

Through sculpture and works on paper, Pakistani-born artist Huma Bhabha creates highly figurative work that addresses such related themes as memory, place, war and displacement. Based in Poughkeepsie, NY, she exhibits widely throughout the US and Europe and her work is included in the permanent collections of MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney, among several others. Incorporating a diverse range of found materials in her sculptural figures, Bhabha has received wide acclaim for recalling primitive and classical aesthetics in work that is urgent and unmistakably contemporary.

Jane Kim BFA 03 | environmental artist

Mural artist Jane Kim majored in Printmaking at RISD and says her education shaped how she works as an artist. In addition to honing technical art skills, she learned to ask herself why she makes what she does. After graduation, Kim pursued her love of nature by enrolling in the Science Illustration Program at California State University at Monterey Bay. She is currently working on a series of roadside murals in the American west depicting endangered species, such as the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, in order to draw attention to their plight.

Julie Mehretu MFA 97 | painter

Internationally recognized painter and MacArthur Award winner Julie Mehretu is known to have concurrent solo exhibitions on opposite sides of the Atlantic. The Marian Goodman Gallery in New York and White Cube in London both showcase her large-scale abstract paintings inspired by the Arab Spring and other political uprisings around the world. In the Ethiopian-born painter’s own words, her work explores “the multifaceted layers of place, space and time that impact the formation of personal and communal identity” in an attempt to make sense of world.