Courtnie Wolfgang

Associate Professor

Courtnie Wolfgang’s research and practice focus on the intersections of post-structural, feminist and queer theories with critical and radical pedagogies in and through art and design. During her 20-year career as an arts educator, she has taught high school visual art in public schools; conducted community/art education workshops and arts-based workshops with incarcerated juveniles and adults; developed arts education programming for communities in need, transition or crisis; and amassed 11 years of experience in higher education working with future artist educators. Her work has been published in Visual Arts Research (which includes guest-editing an issue on Queering Art Education), The Journal of Art EducationStudies in Art Education, the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education and the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, among others. Her artistic practice includes monotype and risograph printing, zine making/collaborative small publications and garment making and textiles. The majority of her life and career has been spent in the deep south of the United States, which fundamentally shaped her perspectives on equity and justice in arts and education. She earned her BFA in photography and MA in art education at the University of Georgia and a PhD in art and visual culture education at The Ohio State University.

Fall 2022

  • TLAD-612G-01 Curriculum Development For Secondary Visual Arts Learning
  • TLAD-651G-01 Critical Investigations In Arts Learning
  • TLAD-652G-01 Context, Content, and Practices In Art & Design Education

Wintersession 2023

  • TLAD-8900-01 ISP Major

Spring 2023

  • TLAD-609G-01 Student Teaching In Secondary School
  • TLAD-671G-01 Thesis Research
  • TLAD-8900-02 ISP Major