Triton Mobley

Project Open Door Teaching Artist

Triton Mobley  is a new media artist and researcher whose interventionist works and guerrilla performances have been exhibited at CURRENTS Virtual Festival, Geidai Games Online at Tokyo University of the Arts, Art Basel Miami and staged in New York, Boston, Providence and across Japan. Triton’s praxis culls together critical making methodologies across performative installations, programmable fabrications and speculative industrial design—fashioning polemical art object assemblages that engender public reexamination.

Triton holds an MFA in Digital + Media from RISD and earned his PhD in Media Arts + Practice—as an Annenberg Fellow—from the University of Southern California. Triton's doctoral research and praxis have been presented at the African American History, Culture & Digital Humanities conference Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black in Maryland; Art Machines, an international symposium on computational media art at City University of Hong Kong; the (IM)POSSIBILITY conference at Harvard; and most recently at the Taboo-Transgression-Transcendence conference in Vienna. His essay Volumetric Black: Post-Cinematic Blackness is available in the anthology Materializing Digital Futures: Touch, Movement, Vision and Sound by Bloomsbury Press, and his latest solo exhibition debuted in fall 2022 at Soloway Gallery in Brooklyn.