Peter Nulton

Senior Lecturer - History of Art & Visual Culture
BA, Fordham University
PHD, Brown University

Peter Nulton is a classical archaeologist and historian of ancient art. A specialist in the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome and Egypt, he teaches art history surveys and more specialized electives in the art of the ancient Mediterranean. He holds a BA in Ancient Languages and Fine Arts from Fordham University and a PhD in Archaeology from Brown University. He has studied and conducted research under the auspices of the American Academy at Rome and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Academic areas of interest

Nulton’s excavation experience includes Greek, Roman and Etruscan sites in Corfu, Corinth and Tuscany, and he has recently been involved in survey and excavation involving shipwrecks and submerged structures in Rhode Island. His Fulbright scholarship was used to conduct research in a series of caves on the Acropolis of Athens and resulted in the publication of The Sanctuary of Apollo Hypoakraios and Imperial Athens. This research is cited in the official guidebook to the Acropolis Museum. Nulton serves on the board of the Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project and was recently certified as a specialist in archaeological diving through a program taught at the sunken Roman city of Baia.

Nulton works mainly in the area of classical archaeology and art. Much of his research has focused on the intersections of ancient Greek and Roman art, religion and culture. Recent research continues work on sculptural production in the Roman Empire, following up on his earlier proposition that certain famous “Classical” reliefs were actually designed and executed in the classical style during the imperial period to adorn elite domiciles. Other research interests include portraits of Alexander the Great and the worship of ancient Egyptian deities outside of Egypt.

Fall 2022

  • THAD-H509-01 Egypt & The Aegean In The Bronze Age

Wintersession 2023

  • THAD-W302-01 Art & Lit: Trojan War

Spring 2023

  • THAD-H102-08 Critical Introduction To The History Of Architecture and Design
  • THAD-H102-09 Critical Introduction To The History Of Architecture and Design
  • THAD-H246-01 Greek & Roman Art & Archeology
BA, Fordham University
PHD, Brown University