Sean Nesselrode Moncada

Sean Nesselrode Moncada (he/him) is a historian of Latin American and Latinx art, architecture and visual culture. His research focuses on visual and material modernisms, their uneven implementation across the hemisphere and their contested social and ecological dimensions. In his courses, he invites students to consider how images proliferate and behave in the world, encouraging an expanded view of what constitutes artistic production and who merits inclusion in our received histories.

Nesselrode Moncada’s forthcoming book Refined Material: Petroculture and Modernity (University of California Press) examines the material, spatial and theoretical development of Venezuelan modernisms through the lens of petroleum extraction and refinement. He has published on subjects including the politics of abstraction in South America, the rise and fall of the leftist counterculture of 1960s Venezuela and the visual legacies of settler colonialism in contemporary art. His writings and reviews appear in journals including Architectural Theory Review, Caiana: Revista de Historia del Arte y Cultura Visual del Centro Argentino de Investigadores de Arte, Hemisphere: Visual Cultures of the Americas and Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture.

Academic areas of interest

Modern and contemporary art and visual culture of the Americas; Environment, ecology and extractivism; Global art history and its discontents; Border crossings and diasporas; Materiality and materialisms; Decolonization

Fall 2022

GAC-799G-03 Thesis
NCSS-703G-01 NCSS Research Issues Seminar
NCSS-799G-04 Thesis
THAD-8900-04 THAD Independent Study
THAD-H101-01 THAD I: Global Modernisms
THAD-H101-02 THAD I: Global Modernisms
THAD-H177-01 Borderlands: Latinx Art and Visual Cultures

Spring 2023

THAD-H167-01 The Stuff Of America: Postwar Material Modernisms
THAD-H177-01 Borderlands: Latinx Art and Visual Cultures
head shot of Sean Nesselrode Moncalva