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Transfer students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences are warmly welcomed into RISD’s creative community. If you’re ready for a change and are looking to deepen your studio experience, cultivate fresh approaches and expand your cultural awareness, the Admissions team is here to help you take the next step.


Nov 1

Transfer application deadline for spring semester

Decisions are released the second week of December. Note: If you have been considered and denied admission for the spring semester, you cannot be reconsidered for entrance the following fall.

Mar 15

Transfer application deadline for fall semester

Decisions are released the third week of April. Most transfer students are required to begin their RISD education with the Summer Experimental and Foundation Studies Program, a six-week session that runs from mid June through the end of July. Modeled on the full-year Experimental and Foundation Studies curriculum that all freshmen follow, the summer program is an integral part of the RISD learning experience, offering studios in Drawing, Design and Spatial Dynamics. If you have completed the equivalent of RISD’s first-year program, this requirement may be waived. The Admissions Committee automatically reviews all applicants and issues waivers where warranted.

Mar 15

Transfer financial aid deadline

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