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Giving Priorities

With a strategic focus on delivering the best art and design education in the world, RISD has identified the following priorities to advance its mission:


Ensure RISD can continue delivering a world-class education to its students by supporting its Immediate Needs and Priorities.

Society of Presidential Fellows

Enhance RISD’s competitiveness in recruiting and retaining its most sought-after graduate students.

Student Success

Increase scholarships and fellowships and advance social equity so students with limited financial means can benefit from all that a RISD education has to offer.

Faculty Excellence

Support the extraordinary teachers and makers who are shaping RISD’s next generation of artists and designers.

Campus Transformation

Build the best environment for learning and making by investing in RISD’s studios, classrooms, community spaces and dorms.

RISD Museum

Advance RISD’s mission and accessibility by supporting the RISD Museum, founded alongside the college in 1877.

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If you would like to learn more about the many ways you can give to RISD, please contact us:

toll-free: 844 454-1877
phone: 401 454-6325