Faculty Work on View

view inside the Gelman Gallery

A long-standing tradition, RISD’s Faculty Exhibition is on view in the second-floor Gelman Gallery and third-floor museum galleries of the Chace Center through November 21. The show highlights the fine art and design work of more than 170 faculty members currently teaching across RISD’s academic programs. A diverse range of work is included, some in the mediums these artists and designers teach and some reflecting forays into new arenas. Visitors are welcome to peruse paintings, photographs, furniture, prints, sculpture, textiles and more touching on such topics as identity, nature and the environment and even sustaining life in outer space.

painting of a man by Eleanor Lazarek

three mushroom prints by Lucinda Hitchcock

photograph of a barn in winter by Thad Russell
Top to bottom: Victor (oil on linen) by EFS faculty member Eleanor Lazarek; Elegy, Witness and Ruin (Rhode Island soil, various fungi, spores, cotton paper, photography, digital print on duratrans film) by Graphic Design Professor Lucinda Hitchcock; and Icicles, Craftsbury, Vermont (archival pigment print) by Photography faculty member Thad Russell.

textile featuring sparrow by Regina Gregorio

image and necklace by Seth Papac

3D wall hanging by Kyna Leski

three prints by Andrew Law
Top to bottom: Sparrow (watercolor, gouache and digital print on cotton) by Textiles faculty member Regina Gregorio; Cali Condensation (necklace and enamel ink screen print) by Assistant Professor of Jewelry + Metalsmithing Seth Papac; Making of Field (watercolor on layers of cut paper) by Architecture Professor Kyna Leski; and Together and Achievable Minor Creations (digital prints) by Associate Professor of Industrial Design Andrew Law.

Director of Campus Exhibitions Mark Moscone 88 PR explains that the show was postponed for almost two years due to COVID and that many of the works on view reflect on themes of home. Icicles, Crafstbury, Vermont by Photography faculty member Thad Russell, for example, was photographed at his late parents’ former rural homestead. In a moving piece about the property recently published in The Atlantic, Russell writes, “The future always catches up with us, and no matter where we are or where we go, we are all survivalists now.”

ink on paper by Yizhak Elyashiv

bright blue sculpture

lightbox filled with various objects
Top to bottom: Untitled (ink on paper) by EFS faculty member Yitzhak Elyashiv; CAPTCHA '869s'v.1 (extruded polymer, epoxy, pigment) by EFS faculty member Benjamin Jurgensen; and The Old Market, Omaha, Nebraska, 1968 (assemblage) by Graphic Design faculty member Douglass Scott. 

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November 8, 2021

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