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RISD Students Explore Unique Ecology of Hawai’i Island

A Wintersession global studies course led by Lucy Spelman and Andrea Dezsö considers the important role that artists and designers can play in environmental conservation.

RISD SEI Fellow Germán Pallares-Avitia Explores International Relations along the US-Mexico Border

The second-year teaching and research fellow shows students how the built environment can shed light on issues of race, class, gender and more.

Studio Museum Director Thelma Golden Honors Martin Luther King at RISD

RISD’s 11th annual MLK Series keynote speaker addresses public art and the importance of creating space for Black artists.

Studio for Research in Sound and Technology Broadens Academic Scope at RISD

Members of RISD's growing community of sound artists and researchers discuss how the evolving studio contributes to the college’s overall educational mission.

Window on Rhode Island: The Nature Lab

Rhode Island PBS takes a look inside the Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD.

The Ethics of Bearing Witness

SEI Teaching and Research Fellow Zoé Samudzi explores images of violence and death and how humanitarian photography may or may not influence the viewer’s behavior. 

Two RISD Alums Make 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30

Furniture designer Urvi Sharma and painter Anna Weyant are both included in this year’s Art & Style list, bringing the total number of RISD alums cited over the years to 51.

Introducing CULTURED’s Young Artists 2023

RISD alums Sasha Gordon, Zoé Blue Maestu and Anna Weyant are included in the editors’ list of  “brand-new talents we can’t wait to see more from.”