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Brian Bergeron

Brian Bergeron has been studying jewelry since completing an arts apprenticeship in high school in southern Maine. He continued his studies by getting a BFA in Metalcrafts and Jewelry at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he worked as a studio assistant to Department Head Leonard Urso, making hollow-ware, jewelry and large copper sculptures. He moved to the Providence area and worked as a production silversmith and product developer for three and a half years and began working at RISD as a technical assistant in August 1999.

Bergeron has been teaching students to develop and utilize jewelry CAD/CAM systems since 2001. His company, Tire Rings®, sells thematic jewelry to auto, motorsport and cycling enthusiasts through his website,, and his products have appeared in many blogs and magazines.

Academic research/areas of interest

Bergeron's research and areas of interest mix fine art, industry and manufacturing for businesses and consumers. He never tires of exploring how things are made.

  • Rochester Institute of Technology