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Elaine Stokes

Elaine Stokes is a landscape architect and educator focused on the critical adaptation of dismantled landscapes and infrastructures in the North American hinterland. Stokes studied architecture and urban design at Washington University in St. Louis and landscape architecture at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, where she graduated with distinction. She currently practices at Sasaki and previously worked at Stoss Landscape Urbanism, focusing on regional networks of public space where recreation, commerce and transit intersect. Her recent research explores the relationship between landscapes and fictional narratives, considering the ways in which riparian infrastructures promote certain cultural narratives at the expense of others. Her writings and exhibitions have been featured in digital and print publications, including Pidgin, WLA and various other edited collections, focusing on diverse topics including social justice within public spaces and the role of maintenance in landscape design.

Fall 2020 Courses

  • LDAR-2201-02 Design Principles

Spring 2021 Courses

  • LDAR-2265-02 Representation II