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Francesca Liuni

Francesca Liuni received her MSc in Architecture and Construction Engineering from the Politecnico di Bari in Italy and her MS in Architectural Studies from MIT. She was an exhibition designer at the Harvard Museum of History of Science and the MIT Museum. She also worked as architect in the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

Fall 2019 Courses

  • INTAR-2380-03 Intro To Design Studio II

Wintersession 2020 Courses

  • INTAR-8965-01 Collaborative Study
  • INTAR-8900-02 ISP Major

Spring 2020 Courses

  • INTAR-8965-01 Collaborative Study
  • INTAR-2398-05 Design Thesis
  • INTAR-2353-01 Spatial Perception: Light & Color
  • INTAR-2353-02 Spatial Perception: Light & Color
  • INTAR-2104-01 Topics In Exhibition Design & Narrative Environment II