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Jacob Mitchell

Jacob Mitchell is a landscape designer, visualization specialist and researcher whose work focuses on the convergence of environmental processes, infrastructural systems, public space and how we represent these things. His pursuit of design methods for large-scale projects using remote sensing technology, geographic information systems and landscape visualization is informed by his backgrounds in landscape architecture, urban design, environmental studies and information technology.

Fall 2020 Courses

  • IDISC-1550-01 Art and Design Research In The Sciences
  • LDAR-2204-01 Constructed Landscapes Studio

Spring 2021 Courses

  • ARCH-1727-01 3d City and Landscape
  • IDISC-1727-01 3d City and Landscape
  • INTAR-1727-01 3d City and Landscape
  • LDAR-1727-01 3d City and Landscape
  • MLA, University of Toronto