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Pascale Rihouet

Pascale Rihouet, a born and bred Parisian, is an art historian and scholar specializing in European art dating from 1400–1800. She has taught courses in that field, as well as on the history of glass, performance art, modern and post-modern art and food history (tea, coffee, chocolate). She has widely published on Renaissance art and ritual, material culture and group identity in English, French and Italian academic journals and co-authored several publications. Her first book, Art Moves: The Material Culture of Processions in Renaissance Perugia (Brepols) came out in June 2019. She is the co-editor and co-author of Eternal Ephemera: The Papal Possesso and its Legacies in Early Modern Rome (under second review), which will be published by Toronto University Press in 2020. It focuses on the production of possesso prints across time (1589–1846) and earned Rihouet a six-week Villa Medici grant in 2019. She was executive director of the New England Renaissance Conference held at RISD in October 2019 and developed the theme of the program: Motion, Rhythm, Shift. She is currently working on an article about chocolate in 18th-century European art.

Fall 2020 Courses

  • THAD-H441-01 History Of Drawing
  • THAD-H101-01 THAD I: Global Modernisms

Wintersession 2021 Courses

  • THAD-W241-01 Parades and Processions In Early Modern Europe
  • THAD-W149-01 Tea, Coffee or Chocolate? The Visual and Material Culture Of Exotic Drinks In Pre-industrial Europe