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Peter Dean

Peter Dean was trained as an architect in the Department of Architecture and Design at RISD, and as a furniture designer/maker at RISD under Tage Frid, graduating in 1977. For the past 16 years, he has worked in the Department of Furniture Design, teaching Sophomore Studio Methods, the Senior Degree Project and Sustainability: Green Materials and Green Behavior research elective.

Working with a few colleagues, Dean developed the Nature-Culture-Sustainability concentration at RISD, and he teaches the core course in the concentration. He also helped to develop the R. Buckminster Fuller Biennial Design Science Symposium in collaboration with the Edna Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD and the Synergetics Collaborative.

Fall 2018 Courses

  • LAEL-2403-01 NCSS Core Seminar
  • IDISC-2403-01 NCSS Core Seminar
  • FURN-2020-01 Paradigm Thinking Design Seminar

Wintersession 2019 Courses

  • FURN-8965-01 Collaborative Study
  • NMSE-8965-01 Collaborative Study

Spring 2019 Courses

  • FURN-2029-01 Comprehensive Sustainability Thinking
  • FURN-8900-02 ISP Major
  • LAEL-2403-01 NCSS Core Seminar
  • IDISC-2403-01 NCSS Core Seminar