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Sean Nesselrode Moncada

Sean Nesselrode Moncada teaches Latin American and Latinx art and visual culture. He holds an MA and PhD in Art History and Archaeology from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, and a BA in Art History and English Literature from Swarthmore College. His research examines the contested development of modernism in the Americas and its uneven reception and implementation across the hemisphere. He has written on subjects including urban planning and the industrialization of the landscape in Venezuela, the politics of concrete and kinetic art in South America and interdisciplinary public intervention as mode of resistance or critique. His current book project focuses on the artistic, architectural and theoretical development of Venezuelan modernism(s) at the height of the 20th-century oil boom, looking to the relationship between industry and patronage as well as the broader ideological stakes of visuality under an emergent petrostate. His writings have been published in journals such as Architectural Theory Review, Caiana: Revista de Historia del Arte y Cultura Visual del Centro Argentino de Investigadores de Arte, ICAA Documents Working Papers and Hemisphere: Visual Cultures of the Americas. He is coordinator of the Providence and Rhode Island–area ACRAH Reading Group.

Academic research/areas of interest

modern and contemporary art and visual culture of the Americas; abstraction and politics; oil cultures and extractive economies; art, environment and ecology; materiality and materialisms; border crossings and diasporas; global art history and its discontents; decolonization

Fall 2019 Courses

  • GAC-702G-01 Research Issues
  • THAD-H101-04 Thad I: Global Modernisms
  • THAD-H101-05 Thad I: Global Modernisms

Wintersession 2020 Courses

  • THAD-W135-01 *Mexico: Pre-colonial To Contemporary

Spring 2020 Courses

  • THAD-H167-01 The Stuff Of America: Postwar Material Modernisms