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Yuriko Saito

Born and raised in Japan, Yuriko Saito taught philosophy at RISD from 1981–2018. In addition to introductory philosophy courses, she taught classes on ecological responsibility in art and design, Japanese aesthetics, everyday aesthetics and philosophy of nature. Her Everyday Aesthetics was published by Oxford University Press (2008, paperback edition 2010), followed by Aesthetics of the Familiar: Everyday Life and World-Making (Oxford University Press, 2017). Her works in aesthetics also appear in numerous academic journals and she has lectured widely on the subject, including in Finland, China and Japan. She serves as Associate Editor of an online journal, Contemporary Aesthetics, as well as Editorial Consultant for British Journal of Aesthetics, Editorial Advisory Board member for Environmental Ethics, and Consultant for “Artification and Its Impact on Art” Project (funded by Finnish government). She is a past recipient of RISD's John R. Frazier Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Academic research/areas of interest

  • Everyday Aesthetics
  • Environmental Aesthetics
  • Japanese Aesthetics
  • Aesthetics of Nature
  • Yuriko Saito’s CV
  • BA, International Christian University, Japan
  • PHD, University of Wisconsin, Madison