Jameka Hartley

Jameka Hartley is an interdisciplinary Black feminist poet and scholar. Her work centers on issues of Black motherhood, popular cultural representations of Black women, child to adult outcomes and stigma. As a former social worker, she is passionate about telling stories that address common misrepresentations about Black women and girls within the US. Her previous clinical experience influences how she views the world, impacts her scholarly work and undergirds her commitment to social justice. Her work as been published in the International Review of Qualitative Research and can be seen in the forthcoming (2022) anthology Maternal Connections (Demeter Press). 

Academic areas of interest

Black motherhood; Black Feminism; Black women and girls; Intersectionality; Auto-ethnography; Reproductive justice

Fall 2022

HPSS-S243-01 Black Feminism
HPSS-S243-02 Black Feminism
HPSS-S254-01 Qualitative Inquiry

Spring 2023

HPSS-S101-16 Topics: History, Philosophy, & The Social Sciences
HPSS-S101-17 Topics: History, Philosophy, & The Social Sciences
HPSS-S257-01 Crooked Room: Representations Of Black Women In Film
head shot of Jameka Hartley
  • Jameka Hartley
  • Schiller Family Assistant Professorship in Race in Art and Design
    Assistant Professor of History, Philosophy, Social Science
  • jhartley@risd.edu