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Illustration Advisory Council

RISD Illustration Advisory Council

The Illustration Advisory Council informs the vision of the Illustration department at RISD by providing valuable feedback and advice. It is made up of leaders in their respective arenas who help build connections with community partners, create mentoring and career opportunities for students, and forge relationships across the fields and industries into which RISD students seek access.

    Committee members

  • Klara Auerbach 19* IL
    Palo Alto, CA
    illustrator, product designer, journalist

  • Alejandro C.I. Gehry 98 IL
    Venice, CA
    professional partner, Artlink

  • Carol Goldenberg Rosen 73 IL
    Waban, MA
    book designer, Summit Street Design

  • Victoria B. Kahn 85 IL
    Westport, CT
    illustrator, author and teacher, School of Visual Arts

  • Mary M. Lambert 74 IL
    New York, NY
    film director, Vertical Films, Inc.

  • Sonny G.S. Liew 01 IL
    cartoonist and illustrator

  • Juana Medina Rosas 10 GD
    Washington, DC
    author and illustrator

  • Stuart J. Murphy 64 IL / P 96
    Boston, MA
    visual learning specialist

  • Victo Ngai 10 IL
    Santa Monica, CA
    freelance illustrator, Victo Ngai Studio

  • Shelby V. Nicholas 21 IL
    Laguna Hills, CA
    story artist, Skydance Animation

  • Julia Rothman 02 IL
    Brooklyn, NY
    designer, partner and cofounder, Also, LLC

  • Peter Slattery 16 IL
    Timonium, MD
    game design lead, IDEO

  • Priscilla S.H. Tey 15 IL
    teacher, School of the Arts Singapore

  • Rebecca S. Walsh 00 IL
    Cambridge, MA
    illustrator, RSW Illustration

  • Kale M. Williams 06 IL
    New Paltz, NY
    print designer, Lesportsac

  • Pally Zhang 13 IL
    Pasadena, CA
    visual development artist, Dreamworks Animation