Joon Lee

Joon Oluchi Lee is the author of three books of fiction: Neotenica (Nightboat, 2020), 94 (Publication Studio Portland, 2015) and Lace Sick Bag (Publication Studio Portland, 2013). His essays, including The Joy of the Castrated Boy (Social Text, F/W 2005), have appeared in various academic and alternative publications.

Academic areas of interest

Lee lives and writes in femininity and feminism. He teaches courses in gender studies, feminism and creative writing that explore the meeting points of theory, fiction, performance and self-making.

Fall 2022

LAS-E101-03 First-year Literature Seminar
LAS-E299-01 The Lesbian Novel
LAS-E430-01 Liary

Spring 2023

LAS-E289-01 Thingamajigirl: Objects, Humans, Femininity
LAS-E289-02 Thingamajigirl: Objects, Humans, Femininity
LAS-E430-01 Liary
square portrait of Joon Lee
  • Joon Lee’s CV
  • BA, University of Virginia
  • PHD, University of California Berkeley