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"I had always dreamed of being part of a community of artists and intellectuals committed to the craft of art, conceptual rigor and spirit of collective learning that is RISD."


RISD students dream about finding a creative home long before they arrive on campus. Your gift can help make their dreams come true.

Scholarships and fellowships provide essential support that makes the RISD educational experience possible for students who have limited financial resources. Because we are committed to making RISD accessible to the most talented students no matter their economic means, we also must commit to increasing the resources we dedicate to financial aid.

Just as important is our commitment to ensuring that students have every chance for success once they arrive on campus. This means providing funding so they can purchase necessary materials, take advantage of unpaid internships and learn from faculty and international artisans via RISD Global travel courses.

We invite you to help make our students’ dreams become reality:

Scholarships make RISD an affordable option for the most talented undergraduates. Financial aid frees emerging artists, designers and innovators from incurring untenable levels of debt so they can envision a future of their own making.

Fellowships cover the full cost of tuition, room and board and other expenses for graduate students. These funds free our students from loans and work-study jobs. Fellowships ensure that RISD students can focus on learning and making, not on earning a paycheck, while pursuing their education.

The Social Justice + Equity Fund helps students with demonstrated need benefit from all that a RISD education provides. Funding allows them to acquire the materials they need to complete studio projects, expand their creative horizons through RISD Global experiences and gain valuable professional experience through internships. Social Justice + Equity funds free students from letting financial constraints limit their aspirations.

The Student Opportunity Fund supports high need college students beyond the assistance that scholarships offer to offset tuition, housing and dining costs. Students with financial need struggle to pay for essentials related to their academic work and career development. This fund provides support to purchase books and making materials, travel for research or interview opportunities, buy technology necessary for their creative work, and meet other essential expenses. The Student Opportunity funds empower students to fully engage in their RISD educational experience and prepare to launch their creative careers.

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