Volunteering on founders day

Volunteer with RISD

“I feel like I’m a part of something exciting when I’m involved with RISD. Volunteering reminds me of my time as a student, and I am proud to be part of this amazing, creative community.”



Regional clubs and affinity groups

Serving RISD’s alumni around the world, a growing number of regional clubs and affinity groups keep you connected to RISD. Learn more about volunteering with Regional Alumni Clubs or Alumni Affinity Groups on the Alumni Website.

RISD Network

The RISD Network is an alumni-to-alumni and alumni-to-student mentoring platform designed to support community members’ creative engagements in their chosen fields.

The RISD Network welcomes alumni to customize their level of involvement and can be adjusted as availability changes. Mentors may communicate with students and other alumni directly through the platform as well as search for other alumni in the new Alumni Directory. Additionally, recent graduates are invited to seek guidance from other alumni for their careers.

Learn more

To find out more about volunteer opportunities for RISD Alumni, visit the Alumni Website.
You can also let us know how you would like to be involved by completing this volunteer interest form and one of our Alumni Relations team members will contact you.

You may also email alumni@risd.edu or call 401 709-8585.


RISD Families Association

The RISD Families Association offers engagement opportunities that reflect the needs of RISD’s diverse community. As a family member of an admitted student, current student or a RISD graduate, you are automatically a member of the RISD Families Association.

Learn more about joining Families Association committees.

RISD Families Leadership Council

Members of the RISD Families Leadership Council enhance the educational experience for all students through their volunteer outreach, engagement with RISD leaders, and philanthropic support.

For information on joining the Leadership Council, please email us at families@risd.edu or call 401 454-6656.

Family Ambassador Program

The Family Ambassador program is an informal resource for incoming families, connecting them with families who have been at RISD for at least a year who are willing to share their personal experience and first-hand knowledge of RISD.

If you are new to RISD and would like some extra support from the families community you can request an ambassador.

If you are family to a student who has been at RISD for at least a year and would like to help answer questions from families of new students, we invite you to volunteer.

RISD Fund Steering Committee

Members of the RISD Fund Steering Committee support the RISD Fund’s effort to advance RISD’s mission through current-use leadership giving. Currently made up of both families and alumni, the committee serves as a link between the RISD Fund, the RISD Alumni Association, and the RISD Families Association.

Learn more about the RISD Fund and the RISD Fund Steering Committee.

Other opportunities to give

Give to the RISD Fund

Provide the critical support RISD needs to continue offering students a world-class education.

Support our students

Increase scholarships and fellowships and advance social equity so students with limited financial means can benefit from all that a RISD education has to offer.

Invest in faculty excellence

Support the extraordinary teachers and makers who are shaping RISD’s next generation of artists and designers.