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Alumni stories

Donors Invest $25 Million in RISD’s Future

Institutional Advancement wraps up the second-best fundraising year in the history of the institution and recognizes growing alumni engagement.

Inspired by the Natural World

New Apparel Design graduate Yuki Xu represents RISD at the 14th annual Supima Design Competition in NYC.

In Newport, an Entrancing Performance Piece Responds to the Rising Seas

Vogue raves about new work by alumna Melissa McGill.

A Shape-Shifting Woman Plays All the Parts

The New York Timesspeaks with Martine Gutierrez about ANTI-ICON, a Public Art Fund project appearing on bus shelters and billboards in several cities.

Fulbright Fellows on the Move

RISD alums Sabina Kariat, Jessina Leonard and Masha Ryskin will conduct research in Turkey, Germany and Israel during the 2021/22 academic year.

Tradition and Revision

A Wall Street Journal review of Extraordinary Realities, the ongoing NYC retrospective presenting work by alumna Shahzia Sikander, describes the show as “visually lush and thought-provoking.”

Maharam Fellowships Support Greater Good

In keeping with RISD’s strategic plan, this summer’s 10 Maharam fellows use their design skills to promote social justice and sustainability.

How Do You Get into Tech?

AIGA Eye on Design speaks with recent graduates—including three from RISD’s Graphic Design program—about the portfolios that got them jobs.

Rising Artists of the Asian Diaspora

Artsy includes alums Sasha Gordon 20 PT and Timothy Lai MFA 17 PT in its collection of 16 US-based Asian artists to watch.