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Faculty stories

RISD SEI Fellow Germán Pallares-Avitia Explores International Relations along the US-Mexico Border

The second-year teaching and research fellow shows students how the built environment can shed light on issues of race, class, gender and more.

Studio for Research in Sound and Technology Broadens Academic Scope at RISD

Members of RISD's growing community of sound artists and researchers discuss how the evolving studio contributes to the college’s overall educational mission.

The Ethics of Bearing Witness

SEI Teaching and Research Fellow Zoé Samudzi explores images of violence and death and how humanitarian photography may or may not influence the viewer’s behavior. 

RISD Students Share Final Projects in Fall 2022 Critiques

As the semester comes to a close, grads and undergrads in every department gather constructive criticism for their inspiring work.

Crossing the Pell—Again

RISD’s Interior Architecture department revisits a state-of-the-art installation presenting green retrofits to the iconic bridge connecting Newport and Jamestown, RI.

Farm-Fresh Design Ideas

Architecture students present innovative and sustainable building designs to nonprofit client What Cheer Flower Farm.

Please Touch

Sophomores in a fall Sculpture studio make work that invites the viewer to physically engage with it.

Visual Narratives that Inspire Change

Students in a fall studio highlighting humans’ impact on the natural world get encouraging critique from returning alum and wildlife artist Walton Ford.

Tracing the Roots of Universal Design

Students in a research seminar led by Associate Professor Eric Anderson analyze groundbreaking home design projects headed up by late Industrial Design faculty member Marc Harrison.