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Faculty stories

Fall Crits Light Up Campus

RISD students in every department present their work to peers, faculty members and visiting critics.

Envisioning a More Secure Future 

A multidisciplinary fall studio allows students to imagine positive solutions to looming global problems and speculate about possible paths to getting there.

What Is the Future of Cities, and How Can We Develop New Solutions for Them?

The Boston Globe reports on RISD’s collaborative research project with Hyundai Motor Group.

What to Wear on Orion

Students in a fall Apparel Design studio construct gender-neutral capsule collections for 18 astronauts flying to the moon.

The Whitney Presents Jennifer Packer

ArtDailyreports on the Associate Professor of Painting’s first solo museum exhibition in New York.

Faculty Work on View

A wide-ranging exhibition of work by more than 170 current faculty members examines identity, the environment and notions of home.

RISD Welcomes New Faculty Focused on Race and Decolonization

Art & Education includes recent faculty hires in faculty appointments coverage.

Architecture, Modernity and the Post-Colonial Narrative

New faculty members Malcolm Rio and Germán Pallares-Avitia explore architectural history through the lens of decoloniality.

Cultivating a Global Perspective

Liberal Arts faculty members reflect on the inaugural years of RISD’s Global Arts and Cultures MA program.