News And Events

Student Stories

Promoting Civic Engagement

Students in an Industrial Design class called Urbanist Interactions propose design strategies to the Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics.

Movement and Light

Students in a cross-disciplinary spring studio experiment with projection and glass.

Apparel Designers Delve Deep

With a live runway show out of the question, the Class of 2021 uses video to present their intimate and thoughtful work.

Next-Gen Design Online

WantedDesign’s International Schools Show presents thought-provoking pieces by design students from around the world.

RISD Careers Event Offers Insights

Annual Fine Arts Portfolio Review provides students with fresh perspectives on their work and opportunities in the arts.

RISD Exhibits Woolworth Lunch Counter Stools That Played Part in Civil Rights History

The Providence Journal reflects on Don’t You Sit Down: Shades of Jim Crow, 1960– exhibition designed by RISD’s Interior Architecture department.

Who Painted Utility Boxes in Providence?

The Boston Globe reports on RISD students joining local artists and The Avenue Concept in transforming dull utility boxes into works of art.

Class of 2021 Q&A | Sculpture

Four graduating fine arts students discuss the joy of working with their hands and mixing mediums at RISD.

Echoes of Jim Crow

An interactive on-campus exhibition brings to life the civil rights movement and ongoing struggle against racism and segregation in the US.