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Sandy Gourlay

Alexander (Sandy) Gourlay went to Reed College to study physics but was waylaid by courses in paleography, drawing and English literature; he finished as an English major and wrote his senior thesis on Shakespeare. As a graduate student in English at the University of Iowa, he migrated from Renaissance studies to the works of the painter/printmaker/poet William Blake and his contexts in British literature and art.

Academic research/areas of interest

Gourlay is interested in William Blake and William Hogarth, British poetry and visual art 1400–1900, western paleography and calligraphy.

Fall 2019 Courses

  • THAD-C221-01 Literary Art: Blake and Hogarth
  • LAS-C221-01 Literary Art: Blake and Hogarth
  • LAS-E211-01 Medieval To Eighteenth-century British Literature
  • LAEL-1033-01 Paleography: Western Handwritten Letterforms

On sabbatical Wintersession / spring 20