2022/23 estimated costs of education

Expense breakdown—undergraduate and graduate

Activity fee
Academic and technology fee
Estimated housing and dining
Estimated books and supplies
Estimated transportation
Other expenses
Estimated total cost of education

2022/23 degree program costs




Student Activity Fee

Academic and Technology Fee

Health Insurance *

Orientation Fee **

Late Payment Fine ***

Residence Life

Room & Board ****

2022 summer programs and fees

*Students enrolled in a summer program will be billed for the summer health insurance policy ($460).

Experimental and Foundation Studies
Tuition: $9,000
Housing: $2,930
Dining: $1,674

Master of Architecture
Tuition: $9,000

Master of Design in Interior Studies (Interior Architecture)
Tuition: $9,000
Housing: $2,930
Dining: $1,674

Master of Arts in Adaptive Reuse (Interior Architecture)
Tuition: $9,000
Housing: $3,060

Master of Landscape Architecture
Tuition: $6,000

English for Art and Design (Landscape Architecture)
Tuition: $600

* Students enrolled in a comparable US-based health insurance policy may elect to waive the Student Health Insurance policy. More details can be found online at universityhealthplans.com.
** Required of all incoming students
*** The higher late payment fine will be assessed for all balances equal to or greater than $2,000
**** Essential RISD Experience rate

Learn more about student housing, including information about room and board plans and rates.

Additional costs

Course, lab and material fees

Certain courses require an additional cost for the classroom experience. These course charges may cover field trips or other course-related activities.  Charges may be applied throughout the term, so it is very important to monitor your account frequently.


Tuition for Wintersession is included in the fall semester invoice for full-time registered students enrolled in the fall. For those transferring or being readmitted to RISD in the spring, it is included in the spring semester invoice.

Students who enroll in Wintersession without full-time student status during at least one semester of that academic year are charged a separate Wintersession tuition of $1,881 per credit hour. Room and board is divided evenly between the fall and spring semester invoices.

For Wintersession travel programs, payment for associated travel costs must be paid by published due dates.

Residence hall damage charges

A student’s room must be vacated in the condition in which it was found upon assuming occupancy. Charges are assessed for violations of the housing contract, which include, but are not limited to, damages and vandalism.

School-sponsored travel

Students planning to travel on a school-sponsored trip must ensure their Student Accounts balance is paid in full at the time of travel registration. If a balance remains outstanding the student will not be eligible for travel and may not be reimbursed for any travel expenses already paid.