Digital + Media

a multi-screen installation with other 3D objects by RISD alum Hanul Kim

Digital + Media (D+M) operates at the nexus of art and technology, creating a framework for students to discover emergent creative practices and make research-driven, critically-informed work. Offered at the graduate level only, the program encourages degree candidates to explore many mediums, such as sound, land and the body, and to challenge the social constructs that produce and are enforced by new technologies.

Degree program

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

In Digital + Media you use a wide range of research methods and forms—both digital and analog—to investigate technology as both creative medium and cultural-historical phenomenon.

In the studio

D+M majors delve deep into concepts and contexts, and then identify the best media for pursuing questions about technology, biology and culture, natural and built environments, and more. Supported by faculty with a broad range of expertise, students also take advantage of exceptional tools for research and making, from electron microscopes and autonomous vehicles to the college’s state-of-the-art Studio for Research in Sound and Technology.

Featured stories

Artist Xin Liu Lets Science-Backed Absurdity Take the Wheel

The artist and MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative Arts curator makes work that explores why the seemingly impossible is possible.

Hyundai Collaborative Propels Student Research

RISD students working across disciplines explore the relationship between nature, art and design in third year of synergistic partnership.

Five Questions: Mariela Yeregui

A brief interview with RISD’s recently hired Schiller Family Associate Professor in Race in Art and Design.

Student work

A large print of a distorted scan.

Digital + Media alumni pioneer new modes of artistic inquiry, pursuing rewarding work in cutting-edge research, academics, studio practice and more. Many graduates have contributed significantly to the advancement of the field of new media—as successful artists, experimental designers, writers and critics.

Alumni at work

Clement Valla MFA 09 | artist/programmer

Through his practice, Clement Valla considers the role of computer vision and automated image-making in shaping contemporary life. Working at the intersection of art and computer programming, he explores tensions between creativity and the influence of systems on individuals in both widely-exhibited solo projects and interdisciplinary collaborations. The New York-based artist has also had an instrumental role in establishing the Computation, Technology and Culture academic concentration at RISD, where he is an associate professor.

Hyojin Yoo MFA 14 | artist/researcher

Believing strongly in the power of interactive and collective experience, Hyojin Yoo creates objects and performance-based work that investigates boundaries between visible and invisible, tangible and intangible. Working across several media—from drawing to code and physical computing—the Brooklyn-based artist uses her research and creative practice to explore the role of the senses in framing and reframing identity within multiple social and cultural contexts. While also working in the commercial sphere, Yoo also exhibits widely in solo and group shows throughout the US and internationally.

a person on a phone sits in a dark room, lit by the blue light of several monitors